A Tecnopolis wardrobe with the Step door which, by combining full and empty, concave and convex spaces, creates a dynamic succession of volumes. The handle is derived from one of the door panels that protrudes slightly to make it easy to grasp. The many colour combinations can be obtained by changing their colours.
The swing door wardrobe Step is available in a large variety of finishes.

  • Color Wood Bianco candido
  • Color Wood Avorio Gesso
  • Color Wood Corda
  • Color Wood Beige Sahara
  • Color Wood Beige Capuccino
  • Color Wood Marrone Daino
  • Color Wood Marrone caffè
  • Color Wood Marrone glacè
  • Color Wood Grigio polvere
  • Color Wood Grigio Tasmania
  • Color Wood Grigio antracite
  • Color Wood Nero frac
  • Color Wood Beige seta
  • Eiche tabacco
  • Eiche creola
  • Eiche Basalt
  • Bianco candido lucido
  • Avorio gesso lucido
  • Corda lucido
  • Beige sahara lucido
  • Beige seta lucido
  • Beige cappuccino lucido
  • Marrone daino lucido
  • Marrone caffè lucido
  • Marrone glacé lucido
  • Arancio mango lucido
  • Rosso cina lucido
  • Rosso rubino lucido
  • Verde sporting lucido
  • Grigio polvere lucido
  • Grigio antracite lucido
  • Nero frac lucido