Tris you Tv

Television is chosen by the purchaser and applied to the Tris You TV sliding door of the Tecnopolis wardrobe. The important thing is that it is between 32 "and 40" and does not weigh more than 15 kg inclusive of the installation bracket; this way you will have a considerable saving on the final cost of the wardrobe with integrated television. High technology Presotto not change: all the steps of wires and connections are already established and obviously hidden.
Central panel is available in matt lacquer only.

  • Color Wood Bianco candido
  • Color Wood Avorio Gesso
  • Color Wood Corda
  • Color Wood Beige Sahara
  • Color Wood Beige Capuccino
  • Color Wood Marrone Daino
  • Color Wood Marrone caffè
  • Color Wood Marrone glacè
  • Color Wood Grigio polvere
  • Color Wood Grigio Tasmania
  • Color Wood Grigio antracite
  • Color Wood Nero frac
  • Color Wood Beige seta
  • Bianco candido lucido
  • Avorio gesso lucido
  • Corda lucido
  • Beige sahara lucido
  • Beige seta lucido
  • Beige cappuccino lucido
  • Marrone daino lucido
  • Marrone caffè lucido
  • Marrone glacé lucido
  • Arancio mango lucido
  • Rosso cina lucido
  • Rosso rubino lucido
  • Verde sporting lucido
  • Grigio polvere lucido
  • Grigio antracite lucido
  • Nero frac lucido