Tailor made store

The new Tailor Made Stores are exclusive spaces that showcase Presotto's collections, designed to work just like a tailor's shop: here visitors are helped to plan their home furnishings around their own personality, receive advice on any topic and customise their home to suit their tastes, aptitudes and life styles.

If the ability to deliver bespoke items is one of the aspects that best distinguishes Made in Italy products, through special projects no longer limited to the living and bedroom but now also extended to the kitchen, Presotto confirms its full adherence to this concept so specific to Italian design. This is how Presotto manages to express the personality of each of its customers to the full in every room of the home.

In the company's Tailor Made Stores, where it will possible to come into direct contact with materials - the most distinctive aspect of Presotto's products - and gain a deeper understanding of the quality and versatility of these products - Presotto offers professionalism and competence in developing exclusive projects.